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Big Brother Canada

It's the biggest and most delicious social experiment in the country! 

A group of strangers from across the country are plucked from their homes to move into the Big Brother Canada house, outfitted wall-to-wall with cameras and microphones that capture their every move. Week by week, houseguests are eliminated as they compete in a series of challenges that test both brain and brawn and better their odds at winning the grand prize of $100,000 cash and other pricy goodies.
Congrats to Season 10 winner Kevin Jacobs, Season 9 winner Tychon Carter-Newman, Season 7 winner Dane Rupert, Season 6 winner Paras Atashnak, Season 5 winner Kevin Martin, Season 4 winners Nick & Philippe Paquette, Season 3 winner Sarah Hanlon, Season 2 winner Jon Pardy, and Season 1 winner Jillian MacLaughlin! Big Brother Canada is produced by Insight Productions and Global Television. 
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